English Defence League, 16 December 2015

Let’s make 2016 count for the EDL

Many people reading this will already know that I was appointed Chairman of the English Defence League Committee earlier this month. I took over the role from Steve Eddowes of Wolverhampton. Steve held the position for almost two years.

I’ll be working with the Committee, Regional and Divisional leaders through 2016, to pursue an active EDL campaign to stem the Islamification of our proud nation.

Just a few days ago, following consultation with our active Foot Soldiers, we appointed Ian Crossland to the role of EDL Front Man, the voice of the EDL. A role everyone who attends our demos knows he was born to hold.

The EDL Committee:
Everyone on your Committee has been a concerned patriot for years. Most of us for decades. Over our personal histories we have supported a variety of movements. I myself, was once active in the BNP (until such time it became apparent that the BNP had an agenda that was contrary to my own).

We are EDL because we know that when it comes to exposing the evils of Islam, the EDL are far and away the best and the most effective movement in the UK today. We all know other groups exist and we continue to stand firm with the English Defence League, with the EDL foot soldiers and with the patriots of Britain.

My background and vision:
I joined the EDL as a foot soldier in 2009, taking on the role of North East Regional Organiser in 2011. I have travelled across the country on EDL business for years. As Chairman, I aim to foster the NE pride, the NW commitment, the Yorkshire passion, the Midlands camaraderie, the Welsh loyalty, London’s energy and South coast’s drive.

I’ll be encouraging the Committee to look at ways we can use our regional strengths and ignite them with the ideas and skills of our multi-talented Foot Soldiers, throughout 2016.

Recent problems:
Our campaign against militant Islam, whining Islam, creeping sharia, Muslim abuse gangs and a whole lot more, took some heavy hits recently, with the departure of key individuals, the sabotaging of our Facebook main page and the loss of our web page and demo hardware. These hits regrettably coincided with the recent Paris atrocities.

The Committee is well aware of the need to replace and rebuild. It will take time and money but we will do it.

Recent successes:
We held 8 national demos in 2015. We have a new Facebook main page and we are currently covering other exposures. We are also re-drafting the EDL mission statement to in order to combat the ever changing threat to Great Britain and the British people.

I personally took great heart from the spirit of the Foot Soldiers in recent discussion’s about EDL leadership. The focus was always on who could do the best job for the EDL in taking the organisation forward, in tackling Islamic excess, unnecessary political correctness and everyday media distortion.

I am proud to have the honour of chairing the EDL committee and I will endeavour to show leadership whenever it is needed.

How to contact me:
I don’t have a personal assistant and I do work, with this in mind, I ask you to contact me through your Divisional Leaders and Regional Organisers.

I wish all EDL foot soldiers well in 2016. Please do say hello and introduce yourself to me at forthcoming demos. I will be there, and I look forward to meeting you all.

Alan Spence

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